Rattan & Wooden Furniture Manufacturer Special For
Indoor & Outdoor Rattan Furniture

Welcome to rattan furniture manufacturer in Java - Indonesia. This furniture company have been producing more furniture to fill in European & American Market. It has difference polish with best painting/finishing system (conveyor system) and professional spraying operator. The result is qualified rattan products and loved by many people in the world.

This rattan furniture manufacturer finishing system is operating with conveyor and electrostatic gun. So the result of the goods will be more perfect, clean, and smoothly. It produces using selective materials rattan and created by the professional craftsman. It has various rattan products, such as rattan chair which is very comfortable to use, and it looks nice, artistic and attractive.

By those qualified reasons, the products have exported to many countries in Europe and America such as : Germany, Poland, Mexico, Spain, and Slovak.




Visit and come to Indonesia rattan furniture manufacturer and you will get best quality products with reachable prices. Meanwhile, there are more of unique and artistic rattan furniture here, such as outdoor and indoor furniture, dinning table, dinning chair, living set, garden furniture, etc.

The buyer can also order in special design or in customer require. Now on, as furniture exporter, the rattan furniture has committed to produce the goods for medium up quality and punctual delivery time.

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